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About us

SurfaceNet was founded in March 2003 by Dipl-Ing. Peter Droste and is still owned by him today.
Peter has 40 years of experience in crystal growth and crystal processing.

The production area meanwhile extends over 720 m². SurfaceNet grows single crystals and processes approximately 800 different materials. Synthetic as well as natural crystals are produced and are available in almost any requested shape.

It is also possible to process customer material to specifically required products.

For this purpose, SurfaceNet is equipped with a large number of systems and machines, such as:

  • Czochralski pullers
  • Kyropoulos pullers
  • VGF puller
  • Flame fusion systems
  • Arc furnace system
  • Skull system
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Diffusion furnaces
  • CNC slicing saws
  • CNC dicing saws
  • CNC diamond contour mill
  • Grinding machines
  • CNC lapping systems
  • CMP polishing systems
  • Target presses
  • Ultrasonic drill system
  • Diamond drill system
  • Coating systems
  • Electron microscopes with microprobe
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • Optical measuring equipment, microscopes
  • In-company mechanical and electric workshop
  • Chemical laboratory

SurfaceNet manufactures for over 1000 customers worldwide and supplies mainly research facilities and the electronics industry.

The size of the produced wafers ranges from 1 x 1 mm to 150 mm in diameter. Crystals can be manufactured into almost any geometrical shape.

Components with special requirements such as holes (in some cases polished on the inside) and/or grooves are standard production programme.
The orientational accuracy of the wafers and components can be produced with precision of up to 0.1°.

Surface roughness is possible up to 0.2 nm roughness.

Customized special order crystal pulling is also possible.

In addition to our crystal products we also manufacture speciality chemicals and targets according to customer requirements.

Special systems and system components are available upon request.

Measuring services such as AFM or orientation measurements are also part of our portfolio.

The SurfaceNet sales department will make every effort to provide an estimate anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

Questions concerning our products and their utilization will be answered as soon as possible.

The delivery period for most products is approximately 4 weeks, special products will take slightly longer.

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